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How to Sell
Your Collection

1.   Call me toll-free at 866-MD-COMIC


2.   We’ll discuss your collection and make an appointment to meet


3.   I will inspect your collection and give you a free appraisal


4.   I advise you on how to get the highest price 

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Setting up for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (2016)

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What I Buy

Let me know what you have!  I buy it all!

Vintage Comic


I purchase most comic books from 1934 to present. 

No collection is too big. 








Comic Art

I buy all original comic book and comic strip art.  For an immediate quote simply take a few photos of the artwork and send them to me.


Trading Cards

I’m buying vintage non-sports trading cards from 1930-1980.  Superman, Batman, Mars Attacks, Civil War News, James Bond, Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars and many, many more.


         I was so lucky to find Gary!  After my husband passed away I didn't know where to turn.  A friend introduced me to someone who would buy his precious comic book collection.  I was offered $3,000.  Then another friend suggested I call Gary.  I was paid $35,000 for the collection!  Gary was a life saver!

Louise M. - Arlington Heights, IL

    When it was time to sell my collection I was so fortunate to have contacted Gary.  He took his time and patiently explained everything to my wife and me.   The net result was $125,000!   Gary is the man!

Bob and Claudia S. - Wilmette, IL

     I first met Gary 40 years ago. He was interested in buying my collection but told me since it had a lot of sentimental value to hold on to it.  He said I couldn't go wrong holding on to my comics.  Thanks to Gary's advice, when I decided to sell, I was paid $140,000!

Phil K. - Burlington, WI

        The first dealer I contacted offered me $30,000 for my collection.  I was impressed but thought I should get another offer so I contacted Gary.  Gary said that was way too low and offered $80,000!  Thank you, Gary!

Phil C. - Chicago, IL

      Gary is one of the most experienced, friendly and trustworthy guys I know.  Working with him was so easy.  He explained everything to me and made sure I understood each step.  Ours was a very complex deal but I was kept informed every step of the way.  If you have a very valuable collection make sure you contact Gary.  You'll get professional attention from start to finish as you maximize the return on your collection.

Steve L. - Kildeer, IL

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